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Hi y’all! I’m Jill, and I’m so glad you’re here. I have two boys, Oliver (7) and Aleix (4). They’re so cute, entirely too smart, hilarious, and sometimes exhausting. They’re the best little box testers around. My husband, David, helps out a lot with Let Them Be Little — all of the cute videos you see on our social media pages are thanks to him!


We’ve been huge fans of sensory play since Oliver was tiny. He has a speech delay and disorder that made learning to talk very difficult for him. Sensory boxes were amazing for both spontaneous language and guided language play. Repetition is really good for kiddos working on their speech skills, but isn’t always the most fun — but repetition through play with sensory activities is so much better!


Let Them Be Little was started by my friend Audrey. She started using sensory bins with her oldest daughter, Cameron, at just 10 months old after she was in an accident requiring emergency brain surgery at 9 months old. As Cameron’s healing progressed, Audrey realized that sensory bins are more than a therapy tool; they’re a developmental tool as well.


Littles enjoy playing with something that engages their senses, teaches them control, and uses both fine and gross motor skills, plus their imagination — but building sensory boxes can be a challenge. It takes time to determine what items will be both safe and beneficial, often meaning several trips to the store on top of a lot of time searching online. This is where the dream for Let Them Be Little Box was born! A subscription service delivering a carefully created, themed sensory box to your door every month makes it SO simple to incorporate sensory play in to your little’s day.


Let Them Be Little Boxes are designed with both you and your little in mind. Our goal is to create something that is both fun and easy — easy to use, easy to clean up, easy to store.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions (or just to chat!).






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