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I am so excited you’re here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Audrey Stewart. I’m a wife and mama who loves making every day special for my family – although some days “special” really means “simple”.


I have two precious girls, Cameron (2 years old) and Madelyn (7 months old), a husband, Brandon, who is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a sweet golden retriever who often gets the shaft because who has time for a dog when you have two kids? (jk,jk, I love our dog, Emma!)


I first introduced my daughter, Cameron, to a sensory bin at 10 months old as a therapeutic tool. At 9 months old Cameron was in an accident that required emergency brain surgery. Throughout her recovery it was amazing to watch her explore the textures within a sensory bin, it quickly became one of our favorite activities to do together.


As her healing progressed, I realized that sensory bins are not just a therapy tool, they are a developmental tool. Littles enjoy playing with something that engages their senses, teaches them control, and uses both fine motor skills and their imagination.


The challenge I found is that it takes time to create the bins, often requiring me to go to several stores on top of determining what would be safe and beneficial for her to play with. Here is where Let Them Be Little was born, the concept that you could have a sensory box delivered to your door every month made me grin from ear-to-ear!


Our Let Them Be Little Boxes are designed with your little and you in mind. Our goal is to create something that both you and your littles enjoy. We have focused on making this a realistic box – easy to play with, easy to store, easy to use!





I’d love to hear from you…send me an email, DM me on Instagram, write a handwritten letter, you pick!…I’m here to chat :).

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